Friday, August 24, 2007

Quick Updates

I'm connected to the world again! It's not like much changed during my week-long abstinence... I never answered my phone much anyway. But now I'm turning over a new leaf. I vowed to only put my phone on silent when absolutely necessary.

School started yesterday. I was flabbergasted during an entire lecture in my "Chicano Studies + Art" class (humanities credit). The professor was great, but he asked some questions to the 60+ students that produced results that dumb-founded me. I was the ONLY person who raised my hand when he asked the following questions, "Why is Art important? Why is there an entire section in the newspaper devoted to it? What is the definition of Pop Culture and Notoriety?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Where am I? There's always that one utterly annoying person who feels compelled to answer every question posed to the class. I'm never that person, but the awkward silence forced me to answer such ridiculously easy questions! I couldn't help it!

It gets worse. He asked the students to honestly raise their hands if they had NEVER heard of Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. AT LEAST 2/3 of the students raised their hands. Dear friends, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me you have heard of these two extremely famous artists! They're modern cultural icons! For heaven's sake, we live right next to the Getty Center people!

I may go into art education now. This is appalling.

On another note... Kamiroo and I have the apartment to ourselves this weekend. Dental Girl is still in Utah, as is Snortney. They're both coming home on Sunday... one with a brand new car, and the other ready to begin drilling teeth! Lovely.

Shaunathan officially moved back to Los Angeles this week! I have yet to visit Hollywood, but I understand that his accommodations are quite roomy. He didn't even fill up his dresser, which leads me to believe that he needs to go shopping... a favorite past-time of his. Maybe he'll let me come over and watch Jerry Springer with his "roommates" in the new tv room!

Tomorrow morning/afternoon is the 2nd annual Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. It's at the Inglewood Stake Center... which I'm afraid of. Not because it's in the ghetto, but the fences surrounding the field are maybe 6 feet high. This poses potential hazards. Those who saw me practicing last Tuesday night can attest to the fact that my aim isn't so red hot. Thus, this is a warning to all those in the Greater Los Angeles Area traveling on Sepulveda Blvd tomorrow... BEWARE of erratically thrown Frisbees! I don't even want to imagine the tragic outcomes of tomorrow's tournament! Yikes.

Beach time!

OCEAN personality test... I failed.

I have so many things to talk about... but I just found out that I have no personality! I just took this (hopefully unreliable) personality test online and this is what the results were:

You typically don't seek out new experiences.
You probably have a messy desk!
You tend to shy away from social situations.
You are good-natured, courteous, and supportive.
You aren't particularly nervous, nor calm.

Is this really me? Maybe. I definitely have a messy desk, but do I really shy away from social situations? Am I always good-natured? Angry Pants probably doesn't think so. Thanks to Dustin's post, I now have a complex about my personality... or lack thereof!

I'm a O47-C8-E31-A94-N43 Big Five!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I want your number. Literally.

I am naked and lost without my cell phone.

Date of Departure:
Friday, Aug. 10 between the hours of 11:10pm and 1:15am.

It's gone. I've looked everywhere.

I never know what time it is, which of my minions are calling, or when to wake up. The worst part about the whole thing... all of my friends' contact info is GONE. Sad. I need to look at this situation as a cleansing, a rebirth if you will. All of my HS friends, old roommates, and ex-boyfriend's phone numbers are gone... finally CAPUT! (Not that I have issues with letting go, but if someone from my past happens to call me, I'd like to know who it is before I answer! Let's face it, we all have people on our "DO NOT ANSWER" list.)

Tomorrow morning I will attempt to buy a new SIM card for a phone that was so graciously given to me today. In return, I promised my little 4-year-old boyfriend that I was just borrowing this phone... that when I was done using it, I'd let him have it back to play with. He seemed content with that idea.

The moral of this story:
Back-up your phone numbers. If you don't, you'll be sorry.

Unfortunately this cartoon doesn't mention the $350-$600 price tag for these things!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who's Who Among Mii's

Last Sunday a bunch of us were over at the Greenfield Girl's apartment keeping ourselves quite entertained creating Mii characters of each other. Here's a sampling of my friends and I. Can you tell who's who? [scroll down to view answers... no cheating!]

What? You're totally jealous that you don't have a Mii character yet? Create one online with Mii Editor and you can save it as a jpg file to your computer! Playing Nintendo games with characters that look like your friends might just be the coolest thing ever (next to Tetris, that is).

Check out these crazy Mii's I found online... they're hilarious!

This commercial epitomizes the night spent at Greenfield... literally. We actually had a "hot seat" up front so we could get the details just right! I love embracing my nerdiness... especially with my super-cool friends.

Answers: Kristen, Jimbo, Maggie, Josh, Sara, Dan, Jessica (my Mii), Trisha, Danny, Emily, Jeff, and Renee.