Monday, August 9, 2010

June 2010

LA STAKE GIRLS CAMP 2010 — "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"
It was a lot of work and very rewarding being a leader at girls camp. I love these girls!
Big Bear, California

Everyone made their own pair of Ruby Slippers
Canoeing included the capsizing of some boats.
Some of my social butterflies and late-night jokesters.

May 2010

Yes, you are allowed to be jealous.
And yes, that is Kobe shooting mid-air.
Kami and I went to the Lakers vs Jazz Playoffs!!! The Lakers won, of course.
Staples Center in Downtown LA

April 2010

Let the Twister making begin!!!

5 hours and 4 gallons of paint later... wallah.

Los Angeles & North Torrance Stake Youth Conference 2010
This was about 20 min into the game... it lasted forever!
Pacific Palisades, California

I even made a gigantic spinner thing! It was awesome!

March 2010

Whale Watching with Shaun and Emily!
Newport Beach, California

February 2010

My brother got married over New Years... but didn't tell us until mid-February.
Thankfully we all love my new sister-in-law!

January 2010

Sara's going away dinner... so sad.
Come back Sara!!!!!