Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm back!

Although some of you think I've joined the picked lines of the Writer's Strike, I have not. Life just seems to be a bit busy lately and my blog fell by the wayside. Here's a little recap of life this past month...

LA 1st & SM 3rd Halloween Party
This party marks the first time I've dressed up for Halloween since I was 13 years old... when I 'dressed up' as Cousin Itt. Just imagine half of my really long hair pulled in front of my face with a pair of sun-glasses on. Oh yeah... the easiest costume EVER! Although it was the last time I went trick-or-treating, I made out (no, I didn't actually 'make-out') with an incredible stash of candy and items... yes, I said items. King size candy bars, tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, chapstick, decks of cards, and $1 bills were filling up my pillowcase. It's all true. I swear.

Ok, back to this year. Three hours before the start of the party, a small group of really hot girls got together and decided to be a RAINBOW! Each of us dressed from head to toe in our own color. We hit up American Apparel and the $3.99 store in Westwood (along with a hundred UCLA co-eds). It was perfect! I must say... we were pretty dang cute.

This Halloween party also marks the end of my dynasty as activities chair. It was a bitter-sweet moment leaving Jim to take the reigns. When I was released, there was an audible gasp in the congregation... which makes the 2nd "wow" moment this year in our ward. I won't mention the prior gasp here, but I'm sure ya'll know what I'm referring to. My new calling? Ward Historian. What does that entail? I have no idea. If you have any ideas as to what I can or should be doing... please share!

When Shaunathan turned 27 in September, I told him he was officially old. The first thing he said to me on on my birthday was, "Guess what? You're officially old!" Great, thanks. 27 has treated me well so far. It's only been a week, but so far so good!

To celebrate, I went out to dinner with some friends. I chose Frida Restaurant because I've been meaning to go for years and it was a little out of the ordinary. I made reservations for 20, and we ate to our hearts content! I LOVED IT! The atmosphere was perfect, my food was fabulous, and my best friends made pretty great company. Afterwards we had homemade cake and ice cream, thanks to my dental student roommate who slaved all day in the kitchen. Her efforts paid off. This may have been one of the best birthday's ever. [photos to come]

My website
Yes, a real website. An assignment this semester was to build a website to showcase my work. So here it is... for all the world to see...
This is my first real attempt to make a website, so be nice with your comments. Oh, and I need a job. I graduate in 3 weeks and I want to start making money! Anyone know of anything?!!

The toilet incident
Some of you may know that I help an elderly couple in Beverly Hills twice a month. I mainly just vacuum and dust their very large house. As I was going about my business, dusting away, I heard the toilet water running. I went in and jiggled the handle. Nothing happened. I carefully lifted the heavy porcelain lid and reattached the chain. Easy enough, right? Yeah, I thought so... until the lid slipped from my wet rubber-gloved grasp, hit the water tank, bounced onto the bowl of the toilet, and landed on the tile floor. I stood in horror as I watched the toilet shatter and water flood the bathroom! The only thing I could think of was, "Did that really just happen?!" Oh, it did.

I turned the water valve off and ran to the kitchen to find a paper cup and a bucket. The next 5 minutes were spent dipping what water remained in the tank and pouring it into the bathtub. Great. Now what? I cleaned everything up, left the bucket under the dripping tank, and prayed that I was still sleeping.

I was quickly reminded just how awake I was when I went to Home Depot to price that exact toilet. One Kohler special order and $496.35 later (without shipping and installation) would redeem me of my misfortune. I wanted to cry. I went out to the parking lot and sat in my car, postponing the inevitable. I dialed the number and held my breath. How was I suppose to tell this couple that I broke their toilet? And I didn't just break it... I shattered every piece of that thing! Of course I would replace it, but owning up to it took some real courage.

He answered the phone. I explained the situation and my prayers were answered. He laughed and said, "Oh don't worry about the toilet. It could have happened to anyone!" I wanted to yell, "But WHO shatters toilets? Yes it was an accident, but things like this 'just don't happen'!" After insisting that I would pay for it, he calmed me down and said it really wasn't a big deal—that he'd take care of it.

I still keep thinking, "Did I really shatter their toilet? Did I really do that?!" Unfortunately, yes.