Friday, April 18, 2008

Steamy Friday Nights

This is what a little rootbeer, vanilla ice cream and hot, sexy aprons will do to two single girls on a Friday night in Los Angeles. Oh yeah... it's a wonder we're still single! And you didn't think I was going to blog again today? You were wrong.

Just a few more things...

I promise, this is my last post for the day. Here are some more photos (thanks SC) from the goings-on around town. :)


Chris's Hockey Game: Jimbotron, Cheryl, Jeffrey, me, Chris, Sara, and Justin (aka-Scott)

Chris's going away dinner @ El Torito. I can testify that Sara definitely earned her reward, don't let her fool you.

Sara looking gorgeous in India. Come home!!!

Ha Ha

An email from my dad last month:

Subject: "An Unexpected Peep Show"
Body: "HAPPY EASTER! Love, Dad"

"My name is... and I'm a Blogaholic"

I am suffering from Blogitis. This could be due to an excessive lack of blogging lately, the extraordinary amount of down-time I'm having at work the past two days, or the Adderall finally kicking in. ;) Either way, here's another little update on recent adventures and events in my life.

Phil was one of the first guys I met when I moved to LA in 2002. In fact, I remember meeting him after his Sunday School lesson one Sunday in 2001 while I was visiting the UCLA ward. Jill moved in a little later and the two eventually became inseparable. There was rarely a day that went by where I didn't see her car parked outside of his apartment, just across the street from mine; it secretly made me happy.

After a surprise engagement at Griffith Observatory, an upheaval to SLC during Christmas, and taking the BAR exam soon thereafter, they finally got married last month at the LDS Los Angeles Temple! Their reception was held at the Rancho Palos Verdes Golf Course. It sat on a cliff overlooking the ocean... it couldn't have been more beautiful. Minus the gail-force winds that day, it was perfect.

I was lucky enough to see them for dinner the next night before leaving for their minimoon. They introduced me to the world's best hamburger joint in Santa Monica called "The Stand". I'll forever be grateful! Love you guys and congratulations again!

Here are some photos I stole from Erin and Adam... thanks guys! :)

Phil & Jill at the LA Temple

Adam & Erin and Mark & Kirsten (3 days before Britton was born... poor girl)

Sparklers: the modern version of rice-throwing

Feeling Down?

Get over yourself and join me in a little service adventure at a Special Ed School!

Comcast Cares Day 2008
Saturday, May 3rd
8:00am - 1:00pm

Comcast Entertainment Group (my office) has chosen to volunteer at the C. Morley Sellery Special Education Center. This is a public elementary school for developmentally and physically challenged children in need of special education.

This school really needs help. We can make a huge difference for their students by brightening the halls of the school by painting fun and instructional murals, as well as landscaping and planting gardens.

Comcast Cares Day is a single day of service when Comcast employees, their families and friends volunteer for projects in their community. On this one day, it is anticipated that more than 300,000 volunteer hours will be contributed nationwide. This project will be fun and fulfilling... and you may even get a free t-shirt out of it. I know you can't resist!

So who's in?! Any takers? Let's be honest... when was the last time you actually planned a morning to do a little community service?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Warning: Rated R

Ok, so I came across a video on YouTube that cracked me up. I seriously can't control my laughter. Too bad this wouldn't ever make it on the show "Kids Say the Darnedest Things".

Warning: this may be offensive to some, but it's totally innocent, I promise!
Click here to watch.

An Ode.

EvRo once wrote an ode about me and now I'm passing the torch to a recent birthday girl. I love birthdays (aka-going out to dinner with friends). This particular night started off at Woodranch BBQ and ended with yumminess at my house. Thank goodness Cheryl was born so we could have a reason to celebrate!

Other reasons I like Cheryl:
-she gave me a sewing machine
-she taught me how to knit
-she recruited me for my current job
-she gave my sister a bed
-she makes yummy cookies
-she refinishes her own furniture
-we laugh about past ward council meetings together
-she was in a rock band in high school
-she grew up in the town that my brother is serving his mission in right now
-she's my neighbor (and doesn't try to light my house on fire)
-she's done the seemingly impossible... she's beginning to tame the Jimbotron
-she's freakin' hot... what else can I say?!

Tortilla chip posing as Chris & Jessica

Lanara & Christian

Cheryl & Jimbotron

Courtney & Jeff

Dane & Jessica

Maggie, Kristen & Kim

Emily & Julia

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update Time!

Q: "Did you fall of the face of the Earth?"
A: Yes, but hopefully I'm back for a while.

Where to begin... goodness.

Wedding stuff Courtney and I finally finished designing, proofing, printing, cutting, assembling, labeling, and sending over 600 invitations to her upcoming wedding. They turned out perfect for her. I estimated that I made over 6400 slices with the paper cutter just for her registry cards. Add to that the vellum overlay, announcement, temple ceremony invite, luncheon invite, direction cards, and tiny thank you tags for reception favors and you can imagine how long it took us to just cut them out! Next time remind me to hire someone. Well, let's hope there's not a next time!

Kami and Jenny and I threw Courtney's bridal shower this past weekend. A couple days before the anticipated event I received an email from my mom. She was kindly reminding me to keep things on the clean side. She continued, "Don't you dare and say 'Oh my gosh mom!' Did I catch you with those words in your mouth? Have fun and I wish I could be there. Love, Mom." Mothers definitely know their daughters! She caught me. I'm proud to report we kept things as clean as possible... as clean as Kami and I could be after spending well over $100 at a certain fun store. ;) 29 days and counting until the big day! Congrats!

Apartment stuff

Speaking of roommates, last night the 4 of us had a "Going Away Dinner" at PF Chang's in Santa Monica. Courtney will be moving out next week, Kami is officially closing on a condo, Jenny is on the hunt for a new roommates, and I'm moving a couple blocks away to live with Sara and TBD roommates. I never thought this day would come so soon, it's very sad but exciting at the same time. They say change is good, right?

If anyone out there has a heart and a little time, we'd LOVE your help moving furniture on Saturday, May 24th. (Jim, I promise that my Red Couch of Love will be easier to move this time—and that it won't eat your foot!)

Let's pray I have better luck with homeless men and arson at my new residence.

Creative Stuff
Courtney and I celebrated Easter with a class at CAFAM. We learned how to make Pysanky--Ukrainian Easter Eggs. My mother used to make these when I was young and the class caught my attention after walking past the museum on my way to work. It was super fun and a lot easier than I remember it being. If anyone is interested in learning, I'd love to show you how to do it. I bought a book with hundreds of designs and all the supplies to make dozens of eggs.
They're made with a batik method. You place beeswax on the egg with a little tool, called a Derlin, where you'd like to preserve that color, then dye the egg in the next color and repeat the waxing process. After doing this multiple times, you carefully melt all the wax off the egg and it leaves beautiful, brightly colored designs.

Here's an example of a traditional 8-pointed red star.

Work Stuff
Even though I'm averaging 60 hrs/week at work, I'm still loving my new job. A couple weeks ago I finished up a huge campaign for the Style Network-- Season 2 of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. I made mall posters, billboards, bus kiosk posters, ads, online banners and wallpapers, and a double-decker bus-wrap. The Photoshop file that was used for all of this artwork was gigantic, to say the least. Let's just say there were over 250 layers in this one document (and I still know every single one by name). ALL HAIL THE PRINCESS!Did anyone see this is People magazine this week?!

We just finished up the entire campaign for The Soup too. If you've ever seen this show, you know how hilariously sarcastic Joel McHale is when it comes to "The Industry" (entertainment industry for those not living in Los Angeles). These ads are ridiculously funny. I couldn't help but laugh when I was preparing them for print. I think the Bimbos billboard is my favorite of the series. There are a bunch of them, but here's a couple so you can see what I'm talking about.

I'm sure I can come up with a couple more things to blog about today... check back soon for another update on my crazy life!