Friday, January 25, 2008

Reasons to Celebrate

1. The Psych marathon on the USA Network two weeks ago. Our DVR (tivo) was filled to the brim with episodes of my favorite tv show! I was nice to my roommates this past weekend and watched them all, thereby freeing up the very coveted DVR space.

2. The Knitting/Crocheting group re-united on Cheryl's Couch (literally) this past Wednesday. The night was a huge success... chocolate cookies with a Rolo surprise, juicy gossiping (ok, not really), fantastic company, and lots of pretty yarn! I finished a baby pirate hat for Autumn's new niece/nephew. I rock at crocheting skull and cross bones.

3. The new Conair blow-dryer I bought last night at Target. I dropped Courtney off at LAX and headed straight to Target. I had one thing on my mind: find a bathroom ASAP. Once there I didn't think it would hurt to window shop. I grabbed a couple of items I've been putting off and stood in the longest line of Target shoppers I've EVER seen. 25 minutes and a new friend I met in line later, I exited with purchases in-hand. My new friend assured me that the blow-dryer I bought was absolutely fantastic. She was right. This morning I was in love.

4. Sara's birthday email invite. If you weren't invited—count yourself lucky. Everyone on that list about had a heart attack after reading we'd been invited to a Cuddle Party. About 24 hours later she sent another email reading, "Just kidding!" The real celebration is tonight: happy hour sushi and ice cream. Yum.

5. Las Brisas for brunch last Saturday morning. A small group of us got together at my favorite little restaurant in Laguna Beach. We spent the rest of the day walking around Balboa Island, trying to eat our frozen Balboa Bars while laughing, and chatting it up at a sports bar (Plewe and Ham had to see the end of the BYU-Utah game). We ended the day with a movie, but not before we witnessed the greatest advertising hoax ever.

6. Bagel Thursdays at work. Oh, did I mention I got a new job?!!!** It's true. I was 'on-trial' for two weeks at Comcast Entertainment Group (E! Entertainment, Style Network, and G4). Thankfully they liked me enough to keep me! I'm a graphic designer in their domestic and international print design department. Photoshop and InDesign are my best friends. I'm a real working woman again! My first official day of work was Monday (MLK day)--- a paid holiday! Is that a good omen or what?! **I'd like to thank Cheryl for recruiting me. How fun is it that I work with one of my favorite girls EVER?! Life is good. (No, I haven't seen Ryan Seacrest yet, but I did get a really cool tour of the whole building--including the studios.)

7. Del Taco with the fam. Just as I was about to head to FHE, I got a phone call from my brother. He was stranded at LAX for a few hours due to a late connecting flight back to SLC and wanted Courtney and I to come get him. We trekked our way through the pouring rain and ended up at Del Taco. Three frijoles eating frijoles. It doesn't get much better than that.

8. Cupcake Babies from Vanilla Bake Shop. Amberly's bridal shower was Tuesday night. I learned about the fine delicacy of baby cupcakes and incredible chicken tacos from Wahoo's Fish tacos!

I just realized I'm hungry. Of the 8 listed items above, 6 mention food. My subconscious is telling me to eat.

See you after lunch!