Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lucy's Funeral

I'll spare you the tears by not going into detail about the services and viewing, but it couldn't have been more perfect. The stake center in Park City was filled to capacity with heavy hearts and plenty of tissues. The speakers were uplifting, spiritually-minded, and had wonderfully sweet stories to share with us about little Lucy's short life here on earth.

The Bishop asked all the firemen, policemen, paramedics, nurse's, flight crew, doctor's, and Relief Society sisters who had assisted that tragic Sunday afternoon to stand. It was pretty amazing. Next to stand were: family members, ward members, and those who had fasted and prayed for them. At this point, everyone was standing.

I really hope that in that moment, Molly and Vic took note of the hundreds (literally) of people who were standing there--each filled with love and support for their little family. I'm sure that in the days, months, and years to come, life is going to be terribly difficult. Even with the knowledge that they will be reunited with Lucy again–doesn't necessarily take away how painful the process of living daily life will be, I can't imagine. Countless have prayed, fasted, and served on their behalf. I still have a hard time not crying while reading through the comments that friends, family, and complete strangers have left Molly and Vic on their blog. I honestly believe that a part of me will never be the same. The outpouring of love and support is unprecedented.

After the funeral services ended, the congregation was asked to meet the family members outside of the chapel. We were greeted with about 200 or so pink balloons. Molly and Vic released their two balloons first, and the rest of us followed. The sight was spectacular. Of course this was all beautifully symbolic, but I couldn't help but think how excited Lucy must have been to see all those pretty pink balloons floating up to the heavens. She must have been dancing and jumping!

One of Molly's friends took this photo. This was just the beginning.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Courtney's Wedding, Part One

Salt Lake City Temple

Dad & Courtney

BBQ Luncheon

Courtney, Sara, Kami, Jessica @ BBQ luncheon after the sealing

Reception Photos
Hot Grandma & Sister @ the wedding reception
Even though I caught the bouquet, take note that my grandmother was the most excited about the bouquet toss!

Update on Lucy

Unfortunately little Lucy passed away yesterday. I couldn't help but cry when I found out. She was such a doll. I can't even imagine how her parents feel right now. I'm so thankful for the knowledge of eternal families. Through the blessings of the Atonement, Vic and Molly will see her again.

In lieu of flowers, the family has set up a fund at Chase Bank in Salt Lake City to help offset costs. A small group of old friends here in Los Angeles will be gathering money to make one large donation. Please let me know if you'd like to help.

The obituary can be found on Molly and Vic's blog.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Got an Ex? Get an Ex!"

During one of my recent Internet browsings, I happened upon this great little item and had to share. This was taken directly from the website:
Though frowned upon by many, stabbing your ex can really give you some closure, although it's often the kind of closure that leaves you closed for thirty to life.

'The Ex' knife set is the perfect solution to all your morbid fantasies. The razor sharp precision cutting blades slice easily through all types of foods. This set makes a great gift for any occasion and it's also considerably cheaper than therapy.

* 'The Ex' stands 15.5 inches tall
* Anonymous effigy design can represent anyone you please
* Plastic casings house every knife to prevent blade exposure
* Unique artistic holder made of ABS plastic
* Innovative knife suspension system
* Individual protective knife sleeves
* Heavy gauge durable stainless steel blades and hollow handles
* Razor sharp precision cutting blades

Although I don't actually need one of these, maybe I'll buy a couple for my friends. Heaven knows they could use one of these! But then again... would I be considered accessory to murder? Maybe I should wait.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A whirlwind week...

All within the past week: I moved to another apartment in Los Angeles, my sister got married, and I graduated from California State University Northridge. I didn't think this week could get any crazier until I got a phone call around 11:45pm last night.

An old roommate and good friend of mine has a little girl in a coma as I write this. She chocked on an apple Sunday afternoon and was air-lifted to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. The prognosis to this point is pretty grim. Please keep little Lucy and her parents, Molly and Vic, in your prayers.

More details about happier life events to come as soon as my life slows down a bit!