Wednesday, September 26, 2007

42+ hours Sleep Deprivation

I took a 40 minute nap this morning from 5:55am — 6:35am when my alarm went off for me to get in the shower and get ready for 14 hours of class today. It's now 12:17am. My lips and feet feel a little numb, my body is slow to react, and I'm hungry, but other than that, I'm doing pretty well.

Snortney bought an amazing camera last month and I just looked through the photos that she downloaded to my computer yesterday. Here's a sampling of my summer––in no particular order...

Courtney & Unsuspecting Car Salesman

She was so excited, she asked the salesman to take pose in a photo with her. Talk about doing anything for a little commission. haha.

Flat Tire

Speaking of cars, here's a photo in commemmoration of my 4th flat tire in one year. We had a fabulous time with our tatooed, pierced, and mohawked AAA [triple A] man from Brentwood. He had us laughing like crazy! I'm going to request him next time I'm stranded with a flat tire (or dead battery—which seems to be the case lately). Two thumbs up for AAA!

Don't Ask

For those of you who know JRide well, know that he has an obsession with holding my hands and cuddling with me whenever possible (I hate the word 'cuddle', but that's for another day's blog). I can't blame him for his advances. If I were him, I'd want to touch me too. But that's not the point. For those who know me well, know that I shun his advances like the plague. This photo is another failed attempt of JRide trying to get close [and maybe flipping him off]. Feel the love.

Tres Frijoles

A Night of Shakespeare

Hollywood Bowl—Pink Martini & Fireworks!

Many thanks to Ms. La Dolce Vespa for her INCREDIBLE box tickets to the closing show at the Hollywood Bowl! Not only did we have the BEST seats in the house, but the tickets came with 'gold' valet parking! The only problem was remembering to turn off our incriminating music as we got out of the car. Let's just say the valet-man received a "Toxic" earful of "Lucky", if you know what I mean! Thankfully KrisGirl was able to come at the last minute, otherwise we wouldn't have noticed we were sitting right behind Rebecca Romijn and her hubby Jerry O'Connell.

The Night My Phone Disappeared

Just after Jeremy Coon's UNFORGETABLE Roast, I met up with some friends at the "Movie on the Green" after-party. Silliness ensued and I lost my phone... only to have it turn up, right where I left it, 3 weeks later. I'm such an idiot.


Sparklers & Birthdays

Thankfully Lindsey had a birthday so we had an excuse to act like seven-year-olds in the middle of the street with sparklers! I think we should celebrate Lindsey's birthday every day.

I think it's time for bed.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall 2007 @ CSUN

I've decided to write a couple positive things about this semester at CSUN, just to remind myself that life isn't so bad.

1. This is my LAST* semester
2. Twenty-One credits isn't really all that bad
3. Fourteen hours of class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is
sometimes enjoyable
4. Great eye-candy from 8-10am, two days a week
5. Parking is only $5/day, as opposed to UCLA's $8/day
6. I'm learning about Chicano Art from an interesting Chicano Artist
7. My Government teacher likes to draw boxes around everything
he writes on the board
8. Modern Art History... who knew Jacques-Louis David was such a
CRAZY guy? (read about The Death of Marat if you have a chance!)
9. I gave a presentation about Celiac Disease in my
Packaging Design class. It's true.
10. I found one of my night classes to be the perfect time to
download Neurology journal articles
11. I'm loving the $2 soft taco and free student drink at Chipotle
12. Only 3 months until I'm finished!!!

The Death of Marat, 1793

*subject to change without notice, depending upon the day, the mood I'm in, and my thoughts regarding grad school.


"Where's Waldo" was super cool back in the day. It was a guaranteed sardine pack around one of those little books during library time. And now I get to relive searching for Waldo all over again!

Our YSA activity tonight is a real-life "Where's Waldo" game! I invited a couple people from my ward to disguise themselves and walk around Century City mall. The rest of the participants are divided into teams and search for these Waldo's. They must get all their signatures--the first team back to the church building wins. We played it about 3 years ago and it was a huge success.

There are only a couple things I'm worried about:
1. The rain.
2. The USC game
3. Getting kicked out of the mall

Other than that... it should be pretty fun!!!

Dear Diary