Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rundown of 2009...

It's been a while... quite a while... so I've decided to do a quick photo recap of last year. 

April 2009

Ward Pinewood Derby
"The Mean Bean Machine"

Taking a Sunday stroll with my friends
Malibu, California

May 2009

Comcast Entertainment Group Lobby
I designed the frames and layout of the photo wall with
E! Entertainment, Style Network, and G4 talent and programming.

Breakfast @ The Griddle in Hollywood, California.
"'Tis the Season Pancakes" ...'nough said.

My sister and I at our cousin's wedding.
Salt Lake City, Utah

June 2009

At the first McDonald's with friends.
Downey, California

Joel McHale Stand-Up Comedy...
his manager gave me his tickets on the 3rd row. Oh yeah.
Salt Lake City, Utah

My roommate, Julia's birthday dinner at Rock Sugar.
Century City, California

July 2009

4th of July
Dana Point, California

Backstage after The Fray and Jack's Mannequin concert!!!
Irvine, California

At the Coldplay concert with friends
Carson, California

August 2009

Lydia and Sheena visiting from New Jersey!!!
Night we went to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Rick & Sylvia's Wedding
San Diego, California

A thoughtful parting gift for a few close friends...
from Rick & Sylvia, before moving to Boston for grad school.
Creepy Rabbit Business Card Holders

Fiddler on the Roof @ The Pantages Theatre
Hollywood, California

September 2009

Rocket Day 4
Lancaster, California

October 2009

My brother came home from his 2-year LDS mission in Santa Rosa, California!!! Yay!!!
SLC Airport

Frijole Familia
American Fork Canyon, Utah

November 2009

Heather and I meeting one of my favorite band's, Carolina Liar, after a Rob Thomas concert.
Universal City Walk

29 and holding...

Go Kart Racing for Scott's birthday!
Carson, California

Roommate Danielle's Bridal Shower!

 December 2009

Tri-Stake YM & YW Service Day
Made lunches for the homeless in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Inglewood.
I got called to the Stake YW Presidency in Aug 2009... it's been so fun!!!

Grandma and I pretending to be naked at the Family Christmas Party...
it was her idea, I swear!!!
South Jordan, Utah

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Sara said...

I'm so excited that I'm in so much of 2009. I need to come visit so I can make the 2010 summary!!!